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Psychic Contamination Flush System

    Psychic Contamination Flush System
    Stephanie Brail (Founder)
    The Psychic Contamination Flush clears the Aura, Chakras and Meridians from energetic "viruses" that sometimes we can
    "catch" from other people who are in a negative space.
    If you are experiencing a sudden shift in mood or energy, it may be that you picked up an energetic "cold" from someone around
    This flush is an easy way to remove energetic contamination quickly and effortlessly.

    You will receive the manual in pdf format, a distant attunement and an emailed certificate.
    Note: The lesson manual is emailed in "PDF" format and requires  Acrobat Reader™ for viewing.

    Cost:  $17.00


                                                                             Payment for classes  is non-refundable
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